In Memoriam: Shaikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi 

Shaikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who died in Qatar, was a giant among contemporary Islamic scholars.

The CuRe: Understanding Culture and Religion

On entering the “MYNA Zone” at the ISNA convention you could tell something was different.

Developing the Khalifa’s Role 

The program provides Quranic strategies and tools for presenting STEM and STEAM instruction.

Healing from Abuse

A rape victim relates her first-person account and her healing.

Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago at 30

CIOGC represents Chicagoland’s many Muslims, its underlying motivation is to “have the community come together."

Milwaukee Rotary Club taps Muslim leader “2022 Person of the Year”

Janan Najeeb becomes first Muslim woman to receive club’s top honor.

Bangladeshi American Muslims Prosper

A community of ironclad faithful believers from the time of the Delhi Sultanate

Learning the Languages of the Land

Muslims need to increase their representation in public services such as government, and language is the…

What Constitutes Good Muslim Representation in Books?

Good Muslim rep doesn’t mean that it reflects my personal experience or only positive experiences.

Does It Matter Where Your Zakat Goes?

The policy created by the Islamic Council of Europe is a useful starting point in evaluating…