Islamic Education Continues to Advance

The Global Association of Islamic Schools meets in Istanbul to map future

Another First for New York

For more than a few, the New York Public Library is a gem hiding in plain…

The Top 10 Young Adult and Middle Grade Books to Read This Winter 

When it’s cold out, there’s nothing better than grabbing a fleece blanket and a good book

Canadian Muslim Francophones

Lessons from a minority within a minority for present Muslims in the West

Living the Languages of the Land (Vivre Les Langues Du Territoire)

A minority within a minority: Francophone Muslim Canadians are as diverse as Islam itself

Arizona State University Showcases Muslim American Contributions and Accomplishments

The Center of Muslim Experience in the United States draws on ASU’s charter of inclusivity.

Developing the Khalifa’s Role 

The program provides Quranic strategies and tools for presenting STEM and STEAM instruction.

Always Ask Questions Before Selecting a University

A college or a university’s high academic ranking doesn’t guarantee a more successful career.

Alumni Voices: Islamic Schools from a New Perspective

The study examines the factors that make up students’ sense of belonging within full-time Islamic schools.

Student Voices Against Gun Violence 

Pillars Preparatory Academy (South River, N.J.) students present their views on the challenges.