Sunnah Snacks and Supplements

Sunnah Snacks and Supplements

Muslims and Mental Health

Muslims and Mental Health

Birthplace of the Apple

Commercial apple orchards causing a natural crossing of cultivated and wild apples, threaten Eastern Kazakhstan’s centuries-old…

Healthy and Tayyab Eating in the Era of Ultra-Processed Foods  

Avoiding ultra-processed foods is knowing how to read the ingredients label.

Read Food Labels Carefully

From political prisoner to prime minister of Malaysia

The Clean Air We All Deserve

Air Pollution Does Discriminate

Mental Health in the Muslim Community

Why do we continue to stigmatize people with mental illnesses? By Suheir Kafri May/June 2023 When…

Muslims Are Not Immune to Mental Illness

Depression turned me into another person By Khalid Iqbal May/June 2023 A few weeks ago, I…