Editorial: Islamophobia Needs a Dedicated Response

The UN-designated International Day To Combat Islamophobia falls a week ahead of Ramadan.

Opinion: A View from the Stands at the World Cup

The World Cup in Qatar and its effect on Muslim consciousness

Editorial: The Good News from Malaysia

As we were finalizing this issue, an auspicious bit of news emerged

Editorial: Hearts Reconnected

Al hamdu lillah, the in-person 59th ISNA Convention ended the two-year pandemic-imposed hiatus.

Yes, I “Khan”

Any equitable Kashmir solution depends on a free and independent Pakistan

Editorial: Muslim Americans Must Reach Out with Their Faith

What to expect in Islamic Horizon 2022 convention issue.

Editorial: An Unbalanced Nation

Muslim Americans’ attitudes toward mental health may finally be changing.

Editorial: Modicaust: The Holocaust That Some Prefer Not to Notice

It won’t matter to the millions of Muslims when, years later, some clumsily whisper “never again.”

Opinion: We Prayed Where They Trampled

I watched in horror as rioters tore through the U.S. Capitol, claiming to exercise their First…

Opinion: Politicians Have No Interest In Checking Islamophobia

While politicians refrain from uttering anti-Jewish diatribes, no such restraint is exercised for Islam and Muslims.