Student Voices Against Gun Violence 

Pillars Preparatory Academy (South River, N.J.) students present their views on the challenges.

Changing the Conversation Around Being Divorced or Widowed

Divorced or widowed Muslimas may be at a greater risk of poverty and have more barriers…

Coming of Age as a Muslim American

Research during the past decade shows that Muslim youth are indeed thriving.

Negative Mental Health Impacts One Year into the Covid-19 Pandemic

A study that will allow experts to identify potential solutions that can be applied and/or tailored…

Muslim Youth and Mental Health Challenges

Muslims should realize that mental health issues are real and treatable.

Supporting Our Children’s Mental Health While Navigating the Pandemic

Most Muslim schools have no staff members who are equipped to provide mental health support to…

Challenges of Living in an Alcohol Obsessed Society

The transition from adolescence to adulthood often causes college students to feel vulnerable.

A Disorder Worthy to Correct

Nature-deficit disorder, meaning that humans are spending less time outdoors than they have in the past.

The Best YA Books to Add to YOUR Classroom Library

Each book has its own unique charm and wit, shows what it means to be a…

Why and How to Maintain Abstinence in a Hypersexualized World

Sexual desire is a test from God. We are responsible for learning how to control its…