The Hafsa Quran Society: Being the Change

Black Muslim woman are sometimes asked to recite Surah Al-Fatiha as a litmus test.

War in Sudan

Humanitarian Crisis Not Making Headlines

The Revenge of the Police State

Tunisian Democracy Continues to Take Harsh Blows

Examining the Mirage

Critical Reflections on the New Saudi-Iran Relations

Is There Caste Apartheid in the United States?

Americans Rising to Outlaw Caste Oppression

The Indian Muslim: Despair and Hope

Despair and Hope

Mandela’s Grandson Calls for Palestinian Liberation on U.S. Tour

“The Palestinian apartheid is worse than anything we experienced” - Mandela

In Memoriam: Mark “Issa” David Smith

Mark Issa David Smith 1953-2023

Birthplace of the Apple

Commercial apple orchards causing a natural crossing of cultivated and wild apples, threaten Eastern Kazakhstan’s centuries-old…

Healthy and Tayyab Eating in the Era of Ultra-Processed Foods  

Avoiding ultra-processed foods is knowing how to read the ingredients label.