Islamic Concepts of Health, Disease and Cure

Our bodies belong to God, who has entrusted people with their care.

Editorial: Hearts Reconnected

Al hamdu lillah, the in-person 59th ISNA Convention ended the two-year pandemic-imposed hiatus.

The CuRe: Understanding Culture and Religion

On entering the “MYNA Zone” at the ISNA convention you could tell something was different.

A Commitment to Serve

Sumbla Hasan was driven by how many families didn't have the tools to build new lives.

Yes, I “Khan”

Any equitable Kashmir solution depends on a free and independent Pakistan

How Organic is “Organic” Food?

The USDA acknowledges weaknesses in the current National Organic Program and acting to correct it.

The Emergence of a Vibrant Community

Pakistani Americans have made their mark in other fields such as media, art and the military.

Supporting New Converts

Forming a Muslim identity is a big undertaking, and, sadly, many converts find little support

Arizona State University Showcases Muslim American Contributions and Accomplishments

The Center of Muslim Experience in the United States draws on ASU’s charter of inclusivity.

Developing the Khalifa’s Role 

The program provides Quranic strategies and tools for presenting STEM and STEAM instruction.