Convention Conversations

How people felt about attending the ISNA convention in person post pandemic.

Editorial: Hearts Reconnected

Al hamdu lillah, the in-person 59th ISNA Convention ended the two-year pandemic-imposed hiatus.

The CuRe: Understanding Culture and Religion

On entering the “MYNA Zone” at the ISNA convention you could tell something was different.

A Pathway to a Quran-Centered Life

Muslims need to realize that volunteering is an aspect of charity, sadaqah.

A Grand Return

The convention addressed critical issues including resilience, offering a curriculum for diverse audiences.

ISNA Convention: Resilience, Hope, & Faith 

Join us as we extend resilience and weave sustainable hope amidst social adversities through the fabric…

Al-Mizan: A Covenant for the Earth

Humanity has thrown God’s creation out of order.

Chicago, Here we Come!

This year's uplifting theme will be "Resilience, Hope, & Faith: With Hardship, Comes Ease"

Community Bulletin: Leaders & Achievers

This issue's community bulletin highlights those who have stepped up to the table at every level.

Greening Our Ramadan

Ramadan presents the perfect opportunity to recharge our spiritual batteries by seeking forgiveness for our shortcomings…