The Evolving Narrative of Muslim Americans at the ISNA Convention

Within the seemingly modest organization called ISNA, a grand and audacious vision has spread its roots,…

The Genesis of the Islamic Society of North America

The genesis of ISNA

Convention Regulars Reminisce

"The ISNA Convention was the highlight of the year for me," said Elkadi

ISNA’s Victories and Vision for the Future: Current Leadership Chimes In

ISNA has been able to thrive for 60 years because of the duas of our community…

The Growing Minneapolis- Saint Paul Muslim Communities

The Growing Minneapolis- Saint Paul Muslim Communities

ISNA Prepares to Celebrate 60 Years!

Here's what ISNA is planning for the September convention in Chicago

Global Hunger and Food Waste

There is more than enough food to feed everyone on the planet. Yet over 828 million…

Islamic Horizons Welcomes New Assistant Editor

Ansari has been contributing to the magazine for close to two decades as a freelance writer.…

Raising Our Ranks — Enriching Students’ Lives 

ISNA’s 24th Education Forum provides educators with opportunities

ISNA’s Ongoing Quest to Serve Muslim Americans 

ISNA’s Strategic Planning Committee creates a vision for how to serve the Muslim-American community.