ISNA’s Ongoing Quest to Serve Muslim Americans 

ISNA’s Strategic Planning Committee creates a vision for how to serve the Muslim-American community.

Hiring: Assistant Editor

Islamic Horizon seeks an Assistant Editor to help rebrand ISNA's flagship publication.

Convention Conversations

How people felt about attending the ISNA convention in person post pandemic.

Editorial: Hearts Reconnected

Al hamdu lillah, the in-person 59th ISNA Convention ended the two-year pandemic-imposed hiatus.

The CuRe: Understanding Culture and Religion

On entering the “MYNA Zone” at the ISNA convention you could tell something was different.

A Pathway to a Quran-Centered Life

Muslims need to realize that volunteering is an aspect of charity, sadaqah.

A Grand Return

The convention addressed critical issues including resilience, offering a curriculum for diverse audiences.

ISNA Convention: Resilience, Hope, & Faith 

Join us as we extend resilience and weave sustainable hope amidst social adversities through the fabric…

Al-Mizan: A Covenant for the Earth

Humanity has thrown God’s creation out of order.

Chicago, Here we Come!

This year's uplifting theme will be "Resilience, Hope, & Faith: With Hardship, Comes Ease"