Editorial: Preparing to Welcome you in Chicago 

The upcoming event is a landmark moment, the 60th year of ISNA’s founding as a student…

Educators Convene to Focus on Enriching Students’ Lives

300+ Attend ISNA Education Forum

Muslim Latinas Speak Out

Single Latina Muslim women are vulnerable to harassment and exploitation

Single Parents Need Support Not Stigma

How the Muslim Community Can Step Up

Organizations Making a Real Difference

By Kiran Ansari July/August 2023 “My life took a horrific turn when one day in winter,…

Words Matter

Stop Saying Broken Homes

ISNA Prepares to Celebrate 60 Years!

Here's what ISNA is planning for the September convention in Chicago

Experience ISNA’s Transformative Convention for 2023

Celebrating six decades of achievement, commitment, and empowerment

MUHSEN Umrah: No One Left Behind

The Umrah program is dedicated to help those with disabilities complete the journey of a lifetime.

Police Officer in a Hijab

'Being an immigrant, I loved the fact that there are laws in place to protect us.'