ISNA Matters

Jan/Feb 2024

On October 7, ISNA hosted a community service luncheon in Dallas, Texas with renown speakers like Ustadha Ieasha Prime and Shaykh Muhammad Ninowy. More than 400 people attended this event. 

In addition to issuing timely press releases and coordinating media inquiries, ISNA has also been hosting webinars to help the community deal with the devastating news emerging from Palestine. On October 29, the ISNA webinar. “Solidarity with the Victims in Gaza” featured an impressive speaker lineup including Muslema Purmul, co-founder of The Majlis, Miko Peled, author and human rights activist, and son of former Israeli General, Shaykh Mohammad Qatanani, member of the Fiqh Council. The one-hour session was moderated by ISNA Treasurer, Azhar Azeez. 

“This is a moment that requires us to be steadfast. We need to learn from our brothers and sisters in Gaza how they are putting their trust in Allah,” said Shaykh Qatanani. 

“Anyone who genuinely wants to know what is happening in Palestine can see it. We must reorient people to be able to see the truth,” Purmul said. “The information online is skewed and obscure. We see it so clearly. There is no ambiguity to genocide. But now since social media exists, we are no longer just at the mercy of controlled media outlets.” The webinar is available to view on the @isnavideos channel on YouTube. 

On October 15, MYNA hosted a webinar with political activist, Linda Sarsour, Sheikh Rami Nsour, and CAIR director, Corey Saylor. The objective of the event was to educate the youth on the genocide in Gaza. Speakers discussed the historical context of the current catastrophe, and what can be done to aid Palestinians. They also provided some spiritual guidance on what to do in trying times. 

MYNA also has a tab of helpful resources for youth about Palestine on its website at From guidance for student activists and encounters with law enforcement to resources for employees and employers. 

On November 6, MYNA joined a coalition of community organizations led by MAS National to create s space for conversation on the evolving situation in Palestine through a free weekly webinar series. The first session was entitled, “Bearing Witness: A Faith-Centered and GeoPolitical Analysis of a Genocide.” Speakers included Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Shaykh Suleiman Hani, and Sami Hamdi. 

On December 9, ISNA also hosted an interfaith Open House to create connections and foster a sense of unity and promote harmony and understanding. 

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