In Conversation with Muslima Trainers

While Muslima fitness trainers may still be few in numbers, they’re just as fierce as the…

Community Bulletin: Leaders & Achievers

This issue's community bulletin highlights those who have stepped up to the table at every level.

The Metaverse Explained for Muslims

Envisioning of the Metaverse as our personal “Hira” wouldn’t be too much of a leap

One Woman and 400 Afghan Refugees

Melissa Marrama avoids the spotlight and is always focused on quietly serving others.

How to Guard Muslim Youth from Pornography?

A survey found 61% of young Muslims adults were exposed to pornography. What can be done?

Oppressing Others While Benefiting from Broken Treaties

Muslims need to realize they constitute a contractual party just by living on Turtle Island and…

Gabrielle Deonath Invites Women to Contemplate Gratitude

A writer with a mission to represent minority and marginalized communities

Challenges of Living in an Alcohol Obsessed Society

The transition from adolescence to adulthood often causes college students to feel vulnerable.

Environmentally Friendly Mosques

ISNA creates national awareness in making mosques environmentally friendly as part of the prophetic green mosque…

Is Lab-Grown Meat Healthy?

According to a report, 99 companies worldwide develope lab-grown meat components, services and end-products.