Learning the Languages of the Land

Muslims need to increase their representation in public services such as government, and language is the…

Hindutva Influence Peddling, Mobilizing and Fundraising Infrastructure in the U.S.

The fascist onslaught continues

Another Successful Regime Change

Pakistan -- Going once, going twice, sold!

Who Won the French Presidential Election?

Islamophobia continues its advance.

When Will the United States Accept 100,000 Yemeni Refugees?

Yemen, devastated by war for more than seven years, has seen hundreds of thousands of its…

The UN General Assembly Unanimously Adopts Resolution on Combating Islamophobia 

Islamophobia has emerged as a new form of racism built up with the travel bans, hijab…

A Voice of Conscience

Islamic Horizons talks with Rasheed Ahmed, executive director of the Indian American Muslim Council.

The World Ignores Public Calls for Muslim Genocide in India

This specific call for violence aims to terrorize and intimidate Muslims into renouncing Islam and converting.

Muslim Indian Women Brave Hindutva Terror

As an attorney, I look at it in the broader perspective that a mob was involved…

Modicaust Works Final Solution for Muslim Indians

Who are these hate-mongers, why do they hate Islam and Muslims, and what do they want…