A Canadian Islamic School and Covid-19 Challenges

Schools across Canada were mandated to prepare for in-person classes in September 2020.

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Anwar Ibrahim, a story of faith perseverance

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From political prisoner to prime minister of Malaysia

Anwar Ibrahim: A Much-needed Breath of Fresh Air

Anwar Ibrahim, 75, was formally sworn in as Malaysia’s 10th prime minister on Nov. 24, 2022.

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A medieval romance becomes a piece of political propaganda

In Search of the Battle of Talas

Islamic Horizons traveled to Talas, Kazakhstan, in search of this historic battle’s site.

Editorial: The Good News from Malaysia

As we were finalizing this issue, an auspicious bit of news emerged

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The mystery of the disappearing Aral Sea

Canadian Muslim Francophones

Lessons from a minority within a minority for present Muslims in the West