Muslim Latinas Speak Out

Single Latina Muslim women are vulnerable to harassment and exploitation

Words Matter

Stop Saying Broken Homes

Police Officer in a Hijab

'Being an immigrant, I loved the fact that there are laws in place to protect us.'

The Hafsa Quran Society: Being the Change

Black Muslim woman are sometimes asked to recite Surah Al-Fatiha as a litmus test.

Mandela’s Grandson Calls for Palestinian Liberation on U.S. Tour

“The Palestinian apartheid is worse than anything we experienced” - Mandela

In Memoriam: Mark “Issa” David Smith

Mark Issa David Smith 1953-2023

Nonprofit Fundraising Beyond Ramadan

Fundraising for Muslim nonprofits needs to move from transactional to interactional.

Suhoor Fest: A New Ramadan Tradition

The pre-dawn festival that starts the fast can be bring together thousands of attendees.

Why Decanonize (St.) King Louis IX?

Do Muslims and the world know that cities of St. Louis are named for a wastrel…

The Feather: My Experiences with First Nations

From political prisoner to prime minister of Malaysia