In this Age of Suffering, Indeed with Hardship Comes Ease

The Quran reminds believers not to despair of God’s mercy or lose hope in Him.

CIOGC Sets the Stage for the Malcolm X Courage Award

CIOGC Sets the Stage for the Malcolm X Courage Award

Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago at 30

CIOGC represents Chicagoland’s many Muslims, its underlying motivation is to “have the community come together."

Milwaukee Rotary Club taps Muslim leader “2022 Person of the Year”

Janan Najeeb becomes first Muslim woman to receive club’s top honor.

Bangladeshi American Muslims Prosper

A community of ironclad faithful believers from the time of the Delhi Sultanate

A Legacy of Overcoming Invisibility

Bangladeshi immigrants suffer from an unfavorable or invisible image, hurtful to their sense of identity. 

I‘tikaf: My First, But Not Last, Experience

I never thought I had it in me. Living in a mosque for 10 days without…

White House Restores Its Eid Celebration

President Joe Biden restored the annual commemoration of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr at the White House.

On the Frontier Where Faith, Ethics and Medicine Meet

Aasim Padela explores intersections of religious identity, bioethics and health.

Performing the Pilgrimage to One’s Heart During the Hajj

Reflecting on the Ka‘bah’s uniqueness to restore the heart’s primordial pledge.